Cass Gabriel Bio:


Cass Gabriel has been licensed in Real Estate since 2004, and has been a Real Estate Broker since 2006. His background in the Real Estate industry began at a young age. His family runs a local Real Estate Appraisal company and his grandmother was a Real Estate agent. Gabriel attended and the University of Texas, after college he decided to stay in Austin for 13 years and open his own Real Estate office. His time in Austin was put to good use, as he helped the city grow and develop its historic buildings. Although he still visits Austin regularly for business, Cass is back home with Mirabal Montalvo & Associates and feels it’s time for his hometown to shine. Cass is involved in the development of the downtown Corpus Christi project. He can be considered a pioneer in getting downtown Corpus Christi’s redevelopment going. Gabriel has sold and still currently selling several of the historic buildings in the downtown area that will be developed into mixed-use retail and residential.

Tiffany Ramirez Bio:


Tiffany Ramirez is the Office Manager for Gabriel Group Realty. In addition to handling the administrative functions of the office, she handles the communication between all parties during the process of a real estate sale, and the administrative tasks involved in closing a sale. Tiffany brings over 16 years in administrative and office experience with a strong customer service record, including 5 years as an Office Manager in the logistics industry. Prior to joining Mirabal Montalvo & Associates Tiffany served as a marketing representative for a mortgage lender.
Tiffany’s past experiences enable her to ensure that the office runs both efficiently and smoothly. She can take on multiple tasks at a time which is important in our ever churning industry.  Tiffany handles her tasks with efficiency and grace due to her previous work experiences in marketing, business development, bookkeeping, office administration and advertising.
Outside of her professional endeavors, Tiffany enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Randy, and their three sons, Eric, Joshua and Adrian.  She is avidly involved in their school sport functions, and is a proud member of their school’s booster club. Tiffany is excited to be a part of the Mirabal Montalvo & Associates family, and is currently working towards obtaining her Texas Real Estate license to contribute to their success.